Herpes Cure 2014

Do you have type II Herpes and are you searching for a cure for Herpes? I was in the same situation as you in the last year. Despite what the doctors all say, I’ve always wondered: is Herpes curable? There have been countless cases of people who’ve managed to cure themselves of Herpes permanantly. These cases are well documented all over the internet and it made me wonder: how are these people managing to cure themselves of Herpes whilst every doctor out there claims that there is no cure for Herpes?

I had to know the answer, because I couldn’t live with this disease anymore. The sores were extremely painful, especially when I pee and despite being dosed with Acyclovir, I was still in great pain. I’ve tried creams, tablets and everything I could, however, it was still extremely discomforting. That wasn’t the only bad part of having Herpes… there’s also the mental aspect of it.

For those with Herpes who can relate with me, I just mentally broke. I felt embarassed and I lost all confidence in myself. It just feels like no-one would want to be in a relationship with me anymore. I tried conforting myself by thinking that about 1 in 6 people have Herpes, but that hardly helped… I was just having trouble coming to terms with having this virus.

Herpes cure 2014

I spent hours and hours each week on the internet, trying to figure out if it were possible to cure Herpes. I stumbled across this site which claims it can rid your Herpes forever for just $37. I didn’t trust it, but I realized that many people were saying how excellent this product is. Were they fake reviews? I’m not sure to be honest, but they offered a 100% money back guarantee and this pushed me off the edge into buying their ebook.

Did it work? Is Herpes curable?

After 2 weeks, I had already felt much better than before. The sores were completely gone and I haven’t had a single outbreak since then and up until now (it has been about 10 months). I realized how lucky I was, because this is as close to a Herpes cure as I could get. Currently in 2014, there is still no ‘official’ cure for Herpes. The virus hides so well that it is impossible to kill with the typical drugs. That doesn’t mean you can’t get rid of it like I did, or at least, get rid of the symptoms if you aren’t as lucky as me!

The good news is that research on Herpes are advancing rapidly and researchers are finding ways to ‘expose’ the virus so they can be killed with drugs. We’re still years from finding a cure though and as of now, this ebook is the best Herpes cure (2014) available.

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